Hola !

Welcome to my personal webpage.

I'm a Roboticist, Engineer and a Philosophy enthusiast.

I am currently working in the 'Future of Travel' division of Emirates Airlines based in Dubai. Last December, I dropped out of my PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University. Before that, I worked as a Robotics Research Engineer at Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Japan.

This portfolio showcases some of my past and current work and experiences. Please have a look around and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting my site !

You can download my Resume Here
You can check my Publications here Here

Things I Do

I am an engineer by profession and my interests are in Artificial Intelligence especially in Multimodal Cognition. Apart from AI, I am very interested in solving real problems in the world and working on those causes. Here are some things I love to do !

  • Make machines Listen/Speak/Learn
  • Write all the code
  • Ideate and Implement
  • Debate Philosophy
  • Drink much coffee
  • Air Bend

My interview with Global Innovation Osaka Initiative a couple years ago that sums up my beliefs and dreams - Not only God but also Technology can make everything possible

Reserach Interests and Professional

Machine intelligence and robot interactions with real environments have been the areas that intrigued me.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Middleware
  • App Development
  • Speech Recognition


To be updated


Here's my professional journey till date.

March 2016 - Present

Senior Software Engineer, Future of Travel Division, Emirates Airlines - Dubai

March 2015 - Mar 2016

Co-Founder, Podium Technologies Inc.

Jan 2012 - Present

Mentor and Part-time Instructor

Oct 2009 - Dec 2013

Co-founded Let's Unite for a Greener Tomorrow (LUGT)

Contact Me

The best way to get in touch with me is via email at: nagasrikanthkallakuri {at} gmail {.} com

You could also connect with me on my Facebook